orelli vanessa

buenos aires 1977

Engineer by academic training. Artist by impulse. I’m a Swiss-Argentine creative located in Panamá, Central America where I work on my constant research of the repetition of the Form and the continuity of my visual footprint. The creative process, while it gives birth to a singular final work, remains the central protagonist to my artistic expression. Nature lover by instinct, fascinated by its micro and macro cosmic phenomenon, I’m inspired by the observation of Nature’s manifestation and the emotions it evokes. In my art installations and performances one can often find the need I have to leave a mark and give voice to incidents and historical facts, explicate and reinterpret the deepest mankind fears and curiosities and I also collaborate with dancers and choreographers in the realization of visual concepts. The Void, is an integral part of my work. It finds form amongst the equilibrium of the material at play. Empty spaces, are considered intentional gestures, shaping the language and actively partaking in the dialogue between weight, tension and shapes. The co-dependence on a slow pace creative process, allows me to recreate the suspension of time, in each millimeter of every millimeter, in each one of her tensions, giving life to a very fragile relationship between paper and other organic material through the use of line and trace. I find the relationship between observation and concept to be the subject of my obsessive and constant research.

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