Board of Directors

Stefano Vablais

CEO & Co-Founder

Business consultant since 1992, expert in business reorganization and operational management, he has worked mainly with banks and financial institutions; for eight years he was in close contact with the art world in the area linked to liquidation of assets on behalf of institutions; hence the sensitivity towards a service that finally provides certainties to the art world.

Luca Muttoni


Business consultant, expert in project management, collector with an international profile and an excellent network of contacts in the world of art and collectables, with proven experience in the development of technological platforms. Exalta partner, a Swiss company incubator of new business projects as well as corporate and multi-family office.

Simone Manneschi


CEO and founder of Carpediem. Start as developer when was 8 years old using a commodore 64, he acquired a multiannual experience in software development for notable figures in Italy and abroad in the field of insurance, credit and investment. Right now is totally excited by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain tecnologies.

Giorgio Da Bormida

Giorgio Da Bormida has 20-year experience in management and international business development in innovation and technology. Often serving as Research and Innovation Business Development Manager he developed his extensive contacts network. He specialized in advising on development of knowledge-based innovation and exploitation through participation in multi-million euro international projects focused on Fintech, AI, learning and Bid Data. He is a long-time expert with the European Commission advising on both strategic directions for 5-billion 5-year Framework Programmes for Research and Development, and on selection of best projects proposals to be funded.

Executive Team

Luca Vablais


Graduated in Psychology, he worked in the field of consulting and training. Passionate about technology, he follows the project of ArtID from its embryonic phase both from the point of view of the business strategies and problems and from the more technical one, working in close contact with the developers team.

Paola Patrucco


She worked for 10 years at the head of selection of fabrics for clothing collections for various companies in Northern Italy. For over 20 years she has been involved in the development of entrepreneurial activities, starting in Venezuela and subsequently in Spain. Specialized in customer care, she is involved in ArtID since the start, 2 years ago.

Daniele Rivolta

He has extensive experience in the commercial and administrative field acquired over a long career in which he has worked for many multinational groups in the Automotive sector.

Antonio Ciccolini

Expert in Modern and Contemporary Art thanks to a 30-year career in the TV sales sector with a leading role. He has participated in the organization and promotion of prestigious exhibitions in the sector both in Italy and abroad. Today he is referent for important collectors and galleries.

Paolo Siligoni

Fifthteen years of experience and passion gained in the FinTech, Payment and blockchain industry. As consultant he has built hundreds of relationships with the most important customers in europe to obtain the expected digital transformation results.